Motivational Film


A corporate training and motivational videos can help you create effective videos to train new employees. A strategically produced corporate video adds polish to a company’s corporate image and leave lasting impressions in the minds of viewers. However, corporate video productions are not an easy affair. They need a high degree of technological expertise and creative experience to organize available information, develop an interesting storyboard, add images, effects, sound, etc and coordinate all the components into a convincing story.


Some of the most common applications of corporate video are:


VNR’s are the video version of press releases. A 90 seconds video can be created for distribution to television channels or You for airing in news programs. When created thoughtfully, it is difficult for viewers to differentiate them from original news stories. Here over all visual impact is the key.

They are designed with the help of paid actors who perform as news correspondents or often in the form of experts interviewed by anchors. This creates a sense of authenticity in the minds of viewers and help in leveraging the image of a company. There the news medium is effectively used to convey the message.