A corporate show-reel is an audio visual presentation of a production company like ours. In the form of a montage running not longer than a few minutes, we use it to promote our company by presenting selected film works to give a prospective client an impression of past work, skills and style. In earlier days, show reels were sent out via mail as hardcopy on DVD. Today, show reels are part of our overall online marketing efforts and hence presented online on our websites.


An integral feature of a good corporate film is the voice over. An authoritative professional voice over creates the important impact on the audience, sets of the mood and grabs their attention.


We prefer to shoot in High Definition-HD over the standard mini-DV, due to other obvious quality factor. With most of the consumer electronics screens ranging from PC screens to large format LED and digital projectors supporting HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, there is a compelling reason to shoot in the top quality that is appreciated by our esteemed clients who are quality conscious above everything else.


One of our in-house specialties is Chroma Shooting and editing which involves very sophisticated skills and expertise. This technique is also referred to as color keying, colour-separation overlay, green screen and blue screen. Chroma shoot is generally done for testimonials and key note presentation by the top management of the organization generally the CEO or Managing Director.


A wide range of effects are rendered under this section of service. The special effects applied depends on the budgets and clients requirement and along with our creative directors inputs to maximize the impact on the audience and convey the message effectively. Special effects can be optical, mechanical and last but not the least digital. We have expertise in creating digital SFX and integrating the same seamlessly in the corporate films.

  • Gives complete information of technical expertise to the potential client
  • Available 24 x 7, for the client to watch at own pace and convenience.
  • Gives a glimpse of the projects undertaken.